All your procurement together on a single platform

Unimarket is an easy to use cloud-based source to settle system that lets you manage all of your organization’s spend from one place.

Our unified spend platform includes an integrated suite of tools that are designed to help you manage the entire procurement process. With everything from sourcing and contracts to procurement and invoicing in the one place, your teams can effortlessly collaborate to drive savings and increase efficiencies. It’s all about helping deliver real strategic value for your business.


Supplier Marketplace

The Unimarket system is based around an online supplier marketplace that connects you with an ever-expanding list of suppliers.

  • Search across all your suppliers in the one place.
  • Easily order from hosted catalogs and integrated supplier roundtrips with accurate product information and pricing.
  • Control which suppliers are available to your buyers.
  • Rapidly expand the number of integrated suppliers your organization accesses.
  • Access as many suppliers as you need – we don’t limit the number of suppliers you can integrate.
  • Get the most value out of your system with our ongoing supplier onboarding service.


Our online procure-to-pay system is designed to make shopping as easy as possible. It streamlines processes to ensure that spend is authorized before orders are sent to suppliers.

Better yet, our eProcurement suite seamlessly integrates with your finance or ERP system so that financial commitments and master data are synchronized.

  • Make purchasing easy – with a simple electronic process.
  • Enjoy greater control and visibility thanks to an automated approval and compliancy process.
  • Eliminate manual paper-based processes and reduce cycle time.
  • Ensure that your organization only pays for what it gets – by using our electronic receiving process.
  • Dramatically reduce the cost of purchasing across your entire organization.

Electronic Invoicing

Unimarket gives you the tools you need to streamline your payables process and removes the headache of dealing with mountains of paper invoices.

  • Save time and money with fully integrated supplier invoicing and an automated matching process.
  • Free up your Accounts Payable team – your team only needs to focus on invoice exceptions, rather than every single invoice.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint while cutting paper and postage costs.
  • Increase accuracy and reduce errors.
  • Improve data capture and reporting.


Unimarket’s Sourcing module makes it quick and easy to coordinate your entire bid, go-to-market and evaluation process.

  • Streamline the sourcing and evaluation process.
  • Ensure that sourcing is a robust, fair and collaborative process that minimizes risk.
  • Make it simple for suppliers to bid for your business.
  • Enjoy easy bid evaluation across collaborative teams.
  • Improve data capture and reporting for compliance.
  • Seamlessly link your sourcing activities to contracts in the Contracts Management module.

Contract Management

By keeping all your contracts in the one place, Unimarket makes contract management easier than ever. Because contracts share the same platform as purchasing and sourcing, you can see total real-time spend and sourcing information for each contract at a glance.

  • Search, store and manage all your contracts in the one place, including their related renewals, amendments and associated agreements.
  • Easily see real-time spend and sourcing information for each contract.
  • Ensure ongoing contract compliance and effectively manage contracts through automated notification of keys dates, renewals, contract value and more.
  • Manage all types of contracts using configurable custom forms to gather contract-specific information.
  • Attach and store all associated contract documents including the signed contract, insurance certificates, SLAs and more.
  • Take advantage of greater process compliance and auditability thanks to a flexible, configurable workflow and approvals process.

Expense Management

Unimarket’s Expense Management automates your entire expense process, getting rid of paper expense forms while giving managers better visibility. All you need to do is create electronic expense claims and workflow them for approval; approved claims will automatically load to your finance system for reimbursement.

Because eProcurement and expenses share the same platform, you can efficiently manage all of your organization’s discretionary spend through the one simple application.

Quick and easy integration

Unimarket is designed to easily integrate with your business systems. Our proprietary middleware provides a flexible platform for quickly getting Unimarket talking with your ERP and other systems.

When it comes to integration with Banner, not only are we a certified Ellucian partner, but we’re also the only eProcurement provider to offer both Banner IeP and Community Source integration. We co-developed Community Source with our customers to provide a cost-effective way for schools to integrate their Banner ERP with Unimarket.