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Engage new customers and increase sales with the ones you already have.


Presenting your products and services in a hosted or punchout catalog – so it’s easy for Unimarket customers to buy from you – is the key to getting your first order and increasing orders once customers begin purchasing from you. We’ll help you quickly and easily create and manage hosted and punchout catalogs, teach you how to share your catalogs with individual Unimarket customers in a fully customized environment or share the same catalog across multiple Unimarket customers, and show you how you can view exactly what customers will see when they access your catalog on our Marketplace.


The point of deploying your catalog in our Marketplace is to receive orders from new customers and more orders from existing customers. That’s great, but many suppliers quickly discover that Unimarket delivers additional value related to the ease and flexibility of receiving orders. You’re able to configure your account to receive orders by email or directly into your order entry system; you’re able to set-up multiple contacts then delegate who receives RFQ’s, purchase orders or even non-catalog orders, and you’ll have real-time access to all of the orders you’ve ever received on our platform.

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Sharing catalogs and receiving orders is a great start, but we add even more value with flexible invoicing options. With Unimarket, you can send invoices directly from your internal system using industry standard integration, take advantage of our order-to-invoice functionality to flip customer purchase orders into electronic invoices, or send invoices by email or even physical mail. Regardless of the invoicing method, we match your invoices to customer orders, eliminate errors and delays that are common with manual invoice receipt and approval, and greatly reduce the time required to approve invoices to get suppliers paid more quickly.


At this point, you’re sharing catalogs, receiving orders and delivering invoices to customers across the Unimarket platform. Your invoices are being automatically matched to customer orders and cleared for payment. With Unimarket, even the payment can be automated, electronic and accelerated. We provide participating customers with multiple, fully integrated electronic payment options to get suppliers paid quickly. Invoices can be paid by virtual card or ACH based on pre-negotiated payment terms, which often include accelerating payments to suppliers. Regardless of payment method, we’re focused on getting suppliers paid quickly.


Meet some of the supplier organizations that have engaged new customers and increased sales with Unimarket.



Suppliers agree that Unimarket introduces new customers and drives increases sales with existing customers.

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Discover how Unimarket can help you engage new customers and increase sales with the ones you already have.

Let Us Show You How Easy-to-Use Unimarket Is

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  • Receiving orders and sending invoices
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