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“I wanted to make it easier for our university community to get the things they need to be effective.”

One example of how things have improved in the three years since implementation is the approval process – from requisitioning goods to getting a purchase order. “That’s gone from eight days before Unimarket, down to 20 hours now,” says Zaborowski.

Then there’s the reduction in paper usage. “From seven or eight filing cabinets, we’re down to one. From a sustainability point of view, that helps a lot,” Zaborowski says. There’s a dollar savings too. “We spend around $30-40,000 per year less on office supplies.”

Crucially, the faculty finds the system easy to use. “That’s a key factor in driving the success of Unimarket,” says Zaborowski. “The longer it is in place, the more people come to realize just how simple and easy finding what they need can be with an online eProcurement system.”

Joseph Zaborowski
Director of Purchasing
Creighton University

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