Case study #4

“The system is easy to learn. And that makes it easier to manage change.”

When Western Kentucky University began searching for a new procure- to-pay system, “there weren’t problems per se, but rather opportunities for dramatic improvements in efficiency and performance,” says Ken Baushke, Western Kentucky University’s Director of Purchasing and Accounts Payable.

After thoroughly examining the market and shortlisting six vendors, Western Kentucky University selected Unimarket’s online cloud-based spend management system, “largely on the strength of its user- friendliness,” says Baushke.

Reporting, essential for tracking contract and spend performance, is better and faster with the Unimarket system, and because of this, Baushke says he is confident that the cost of buying has reduced, too.

The university is also benefiting from supplier consolidation and increased compliance with established supplier contracts. Improved contract compliance is important, Baushke believes, because it leads to fewer suppliers and accounts payable and, ultimately, introduces economies of scale.

“Our next step is the implementation of Unimarket’s expense module,” says Baushke. “Our Accounts Payable process is paper-intensive, so it’s something we’re looking to improve.”

Ken Baushke
Director of Purchasing
and Accounts Payable
Western Kentucky University